Mountain Fog


Modern Work Space

Recruitment Of Club Members:

Recruitment on a personal level, professional abilities and business abilities according to recommendations and personal interviews

Activity budget: General membership fees

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Financial District


Annual performance focusing on areas according to the needs and abilities of the club members

Phase budget: General membersship fees for focused scouting budget on club members needs.

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Team Meeting


Creating A Proof Of Concept, IP protections,

winning business plans, multi-year planning development for each project

Phase budget: General membership fees & Round 01 capital raising from club members needs.

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Capital Raising: 

Carrying out an investment round 02 for club members as first priority and external potentials investors and technological partners

Phase budget: Project capital raising. 

Ownership: The project becomes an independent company 100% owned by the investors

Serren Group remains 10 percent in dilution-protected options and a contractual partner in the controlling interest in the company designated for the project

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